Danico LLC LED

Efficiency Programs

LED Programs for all Corporate and Municipal Clients.  Working Directly with National Grid and Mass Save, Danico LLC will be able to provide solutions for to reduce electricity consumption up to 70%.  

Most projects qualify for substantial Rebate incentives for the Utility Companies and Danico will help from start to finish. From auditing the property and accounting for every fixture, providing Custom solutions and options,  completing the Applications, and assisting Electricians on installations.  Recycling waste and finalizing project.  

Danico will provide calculated ROI and cost analysis.  By working with some of the largest distributors and electrician groups Danico Provides timely and superior services. 

Past Clients:                                                                       Sample Facilities :

     Toray Plastics                                                                                          Manufacturing        

     Ocean State Job Lot                                                                               Warehouse

     Blue Cross Blue Shield                                                                           Retail

     Town of North Providence                                                                       Municipal

     Town of East Providence                                                                        Sports Complex and fields

     Curreri Collision                                                                                      Arenas

     Ocean State Baptist Church                                                                   Office locations

     Smithfield Ave Realty     

     Georgia Pacific                                                                                            Indoor and outdoor projects

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