Violetts Coffee
The Original Columbian Cube Coffee


What is cube Coffee.  A 1x1x1 inch Cubes of Coffe blended with Natural Brown Sugar.  This patented product will revolutionize the Coffee industry ad it disolves instantly in a cup of water.  Established in 2007 Danicao has been there every step of the way to assist in the manufacturing, shipping, and sales of Violets.  It is now in 2015 that they will open sales to the US and try to enter the very difficult Coffee Markets of the world.  

A-LED-Lights LLC
The "LED King" & the worlds Best and only True LED Retro company


Gus Moyer is owner and director of A-LED-Lights and has over 40 years of project management as well as owning several wildly successful businesses in Florida.  As a new LED company in 2007, A-LED began working with Danico to expannd its reach and develop some of the most cutting edge solutions for their client.  Showing energy solutions that will same upto 70% on Electric or lighting consumption.  Pay backs for companies in less than two years, some even a year or less.  

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At Danico we strive to break new ground with innovative businesses looking to take the next giant leap.  From Real Estate, LED technology, Gold Mines, CBD, coffee, technology and computer intergrations, to helping non-profits, to even helping a new car company develope a revolutionary energy source, here at Danico we make it happen.


The Rutherford Project
William Rutherfords mind blowing car project


With out giving this one away Mr. William Rutherford has such an innovative car design that it will litteraly blow your mind.  Think of a car that can go 10,000 miles, even 100,000 miles with no gas, oh and never needs a charge.  Move over big oil and forget about Tesla or electric cars.  

WRFord Cars are the next light bulb and Danico will be there every step of the way.

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Little Heroes Fund Inc
Helping children and families with Special Needs all over the Country


When one of the most caring non-profits approached us to handle their rebranding, we were excited and upto the challange.  After meeting the team, we realized we were very luck to have the opportunity to work with such a special group of people. They buy Medicine for families that cannot afford, build wheelchair ramps for kids families homes, collect and refurbish or buy out right new physical therapy tools toys and equipment, even secure walkers and wheelchairs for kids in need. As their reach continues to grow, their branding needs to reflect this large part of their business. We took on the challenge head on and are delighted with the results but continue to suggest improvements, and never settle.

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Primoris Real Estate  /  Zombie Homz


Primoris Real Estate invests in several aspects focusing on Tax Deed, Tax Lien, and the Forclosure markets. Renovation and Rehab, flips and Wholesale projects.  Primoris Real Estate finds deals all over the Country and passes returns to investors.  Guarentee returns of 10%-50%.

Build a retirement with passive income and generate massive returns with wholesale properties.

Curreri Collision Center

One of RI's Best Collision Centers

In the Heart of Johnston and minutes away from Providence, Lenny Curreri and his Collision Center is far and away one of the best Repair facilities in the industry. Certified by Mercedes and more than capable to repair just about any vehicle, Curreri Collision will make a most often tough and difficult time a breeze for every client.  In business for more than 20 years, Lenny never wants to settle.  He always is on the cutting edge and always looking for the next trend or the nest industry standard and trise to be the first and the best.  Danico Has helped Curreri get just about every Manufacturer Certified and is helping grow the business and expand. 

MARCOR Exploration

This is Danico's first venture in Gold Mines.  MARCOR is a Corp with assets in South West U.S. Over 1.5 million ounces, MARCOR has partnered with Danico to help get that GOLD out of the ground.  Danico is helping evaluate the strategy of exploration and Develop a Corporate structure most efficiently to see a success. 

Partnering with industry experts and top Geologists, this project should be both highly lucrative and exciting for every one involved. 

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